Monthly Business Breakfast Networking
Monthly Business Breakfast Networking

Who we are

Put simply, Business Christians was started after numerous discussions produced a common answer, more should be done to encourage and increase the amount of business that takes place between Christian business men and women (or Brothers and Sisters if you want to get really biblical!)


Our aim is to encourage and unify Christians in the business world to impact their workplace with the values that Christ taught.


How do we do that?


By holding a monthly business breakfast to get businessmen and women together and networking, hosting talks at the breakfasts to inspire and encourage those in business to impact their workplace and by making resources and information available to them through this website. Our Christian Business Directory can be used as your first point of reference when sourcing a new product or service.


Business Christians' networking events have a relaxed and friendly environment, where the pastries flow and the smell of coffee makes you feel like you are in the hills of Columbia (ok, so a slight exaggeration there!).


Business Christians is a ministry of CleanSlate Church.



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